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What are Estate Sales?

Estate Sales are a type of garage sale BUT it is done in your WHOLE home, basement and garage by our professional staff. It is a way to dispose of the majority of belongs owned by an individual. It differs from an auction; at an auction you just never know what your items will sell for. It is a gamble and all up to chance! With MELODY’S ESTATE SALES , our Staff will research and set the price of your items.


I thought Estate Sales were for the deceased?

Estate Sales are conducted for various reasons such as ~~RELOCATION ~ DOWNSIZING ~ CHANGE IN LIFE ~ DEATH, Etc.


Who does Estate Sales?

Our company, Melody’s Whole House Estate Sales does. We specialize in Downsizing and Estate sales. We have a full staff that will take care of it all. ~Special service for out-of-town heirs~


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